Blue Griffin Label

"DREAMTIME", featuring former principal cellist of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra Ariel Barnes, is an album dedicated to the music of today.  With three out of the four featured pieces written for the Zodiac Trio, it celebrates the contemporary voice in an engaging way.

Richard Danielpour - Lamentations (World Premiere)
Andrew List - Klezmer Fantazye (World Premiere)
Andrew List - Visions from the Aboriginal Dreamtime (World Premiere)
Zodiac Across the Universe: 12 Movements by 12 Composers

The Zodiac demonstrates ample virtuosity, playing with rhythmic verve and tight-knit ensemble coordination... Dreamtime demonstrates that they excel at bringing new compositions to life.
— Christian Carey, Sequenza 21


Zodiac Trio

Blue Griffin Label

Combining the legendary, the unearthed and the new, this recording features Igor Stravinsky's suite from his devilish "L'Histoire du Soldat;" a world-premiere recording of "A Smiling Suite" by famed French composer Nicolas Bacri - a tongue-in-cheek compilation of homages to the great styles of classical music; a hauntingly beautiful Trio by the Soviet mystic Galina Ustvolskaya whose music never made its way across the iron curtain, but fascinated Shostakovich enough to quote in his own chamber works, and the Zodiac Trio's trademark interpretation of one of 20th century's pillars of chamber music - Bela Bartok's legendary Contrasts.

Igor Stravinsky - L'Histoire du Soldat (1918)
Nicolas Bacri - A Smiling Suite Opus 100b (2007) (World Premiere)
Galina Ustvolskaya - Trio (1949)
Béla Bartók - "Contrasts" Sz. 111, BB 116 (1936)

There are many reasons that all chamber music lovers should acquire this disc. Certainly, the members of the Zodiac Trio are all fine musicians and have a very focused and symbiotic ensemble sound. However, this is all great music, too. Their performance of Contrasts can hold its own with the best out there (such as Benny Goodman’s original with Joseph Szigeti). Both the Bacri and the Ustvolskaya are terrific discoveries. I recommend this enthusiastically!
— Daniel Coombs, Audiophile Audition


Zodiac Trio

Emeritus Recordings

The Zodiac Trio's debut recording from 2007, this album features a mixture of standard works with hidden gems and new discoveries, with trios by Aram Khachaturian, Paul Schoenfield, Marcus Paus and Sy Brandon. 

Aram Khachaturian - Trio
Marcus Paus - Trio
Paul Schoenfield - Trio
Sy Brandond - "Lest We Forget" 

Mollard’s journey into the stratosphere was especially fine; Krylovskiy responded with his own marvellously sculpted line. Then all combined with a oneness of purpose that was compelling to the ear and a tender farewell.”
— James Wegg Review